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All property owners of Hot Springs Village are also a member of the Property Owners’ Association (POA).

The POA, a private, tax-exempt home owners association, is the governing body of Hot Springs Village, and is responsible for all Village amenities including fire and police protection, a public works department that maintains roads, water, sewer and sanitation services for Hot Springs Village, as well as the recreation and golf amenities available within Hot Springs Village.

A general manager and a seven member volunteer Board of Directors, who are elected in staggered three-year terms, comprise the guiding force in Hot Springs Village. The day-to-day running of the POA is handled by an average of 500 employees assigned to one of six departments: Administration, Golf, Planning & Inspections, Public Safety, Public Works, and Recreation.

In addition to the Planning and Inspections Department, Hot Springs Village also has an Architectural Control Committee to ensure all building plans conform to architectural policy and building codes of the Village and issue all permits for new homes, landscaping, and remodeling. The Village also has a Common Property & Forest Committee which ensures that green belt areas, roadways, lakes, and other common areas are protected for general character, appearance and use by Hot Springs Village property owners.

Hot Springs Village has a Declaration and Covenants and Restrictions which all property owners must comply with. The POA also has an Information and Regulations booklet which has many of the recreation amenities rules.

Policies are set by the Hot Springs Village Board of Directors for Hot Springs Village and can be found in the POA Policy guide.

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